TranslationAccurate communication is the key to understanding, ministry and relationship. Bringing two sides closer together is an art that requires effort and forethought, but can also reap rich rewards.

At Come Alive Communications, we are dedicated to our Church, and to spreading its messages with clarity and fidelity. We are not a translation factory churning out words and documents that we barely read. We are an elite group of passionate, full-time linguists with the highest industry credentials.

Our team’s precision comes from thorough training in proper Catholic terminology, and we are dedicated to preserving the tradition and consistency of Church teaching.

Our various translation departments have developed numerous and comprehensive Catholic terminology and style databases in many languages over the course of the last two decades. While we’ve been in the business of language since 1986, these rich resources are continuously updated in accordance with the needs and specifications of the Catholic organizations and clients we serve.

Our native, expert linguists are available in all languages, including Latin. We regularly consult with Catholic clergy, laity, religious and theologians in the final editing stages. In theological documents, pastoral letters, evangelical materials, diocesan/archdiocesan websites, sermons, movies or books, we demand word for word precision in all translations. Primary sources such as Holy Scripture, papal encyclicals and other Vatican-issued documents are utilized consistently.

Come Alive is the only translation and editing company in the country that specializes in Catholic communications. Listed in the Official Catholic Directory, we are proud to provide our Church – on the local, diocesan, national and international level – with the best communication services possible. We work diligently to render meticulous copy in keeping with our own standards and the obvious demands and responsibility of the Church, as we consider it a duty before God.

Despite our boutique-quality service, Come Alive Communications carries industry-leading, "Errors and Omissions" professional liability insurance in the amount of $1,000,000, though we have never had a single claim since our inception in 1986.

Moreover, we are fully ISO 9001:2015 compliant and conduct all projects in accordance with this industry-leading standard. Large or small projects can be handled on tight or loose deadlines, even overnight if needed. We don’t rush our work or dilute our efforts to comply; we simply expand the size of our project teams that are available 24/7 and always led by qualified linguists themselves.

Our only gauge of success is perfection itself.

Actual Translation Blunders We Have Seen or Corrected:

Mistranslation COME ALIVE Correction
"Say all your flowering prayers: thankfully, repentantly, with glory and mystery and light." "Say one complete Rosary: the Joyful, Sorrowful, Glorious and Luminous mysteries."
"The bishop is directly responsible for the sins of the people." "The bishop has a lot of responsibility on his hands."
"We will celebrate happy days and the Day of the Faithful Dead." "We will observe Feast Days and All Souls Day."


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