Many questions may arise when organizations or businesses – Catholic or otherwise – plan outreach to multilingual audiences. Here are just a few problems we have helped our clients to solve:

What is the correct program to use for a full-color, diocesan brochure in Vietnamese?

Is it complicated to transfer a religious documentary into Spanish, Russian and Portuguese?

How can you find appropriate native voices for a radio spot?

What is the best format to use for a bilingual children’s book, and who can help with multilingual printing issues?

As the multimedia elements of a project grow in scope or complexity, Come Alive Communications can provide the necessary expertise and consultation that our clients may lack.

Come Alive is a modern multimedia firm. Effectively handling and transmitting content in numerous languages – for diverse audiences but for a singular goal – is both an art and a science. Whether your project is for print, video, the internet, or other media, Come Alive’s Department of Multilingual Multimedia works in conjunction with our Department of Translation and Editing to help our clients deliver, educate or transmit via:
Native voice-overs, foreign language narration: Subtitles (written text only) or perfectly-timed film/video dubbing (voiceovers) are provided for audiovisual needs under the supervision of bilingual editors and engineers in our cozy but state-of-the-art recording facility. Native voice talent is screened, sampled (sent to client for review, upon request), and supplied in accordance with the client’s preferences and specifications.
Group classes, seminars: Whether ongoing or a single event — for employees, potential clients or special groups — classes, seminars and educational sessions can be specially designed for any need, in accordance with client specifications and Catholic nuances.
Presentation and speaker support: Come Alive can provide assistance with everything from writing speeches to delivering presentations, in one or more languages. Field interpreters committed to the causes of the Catholic Church, and familiar with its nuances, are available to travel to support the outreach efforts of our many national clients. 
Website translation and/or maintenance: Come Alive is ready to help our clients develop or maintain state-of-the art websites, intranet sites or e-commerce solutions in one language or in several. We also regularly translate and publish clients’ existing sites into other languages, producing what are known as “mirror” sites that may or may not link to the original site.

Multilingual website development has grown in a somewhat haphazard way. As Catholics, we have been disappointed to see “auto-translated” websites which introduce grave errors into such sacred texts as Holy Scripture and papal documents. Come Alive can help survey our clients’ goals and monitor and maintain an ideal web solution.
Desktop publishing and graphic design: State-of-the-art equipment and cutting-edge software guarantee sharp, eye-catching output. Fliers, manuals, brochures, textbooks, directories, advertisements and more can be designed according to preference in any language and any program, or duplicated from our client’s source document. Our DTP team works in conjunction with our Translation Department to streamline output across languages and platforms. 
Interactive presentations, podcasts and YouTube video: In one language or in several, interactive presentations, podcasts and YouTube videos are simple, popular, custom-built vehicles that are allowing individuals and large organizations to customize their messages for a target audience. Come Alive assists our clients with video editing, voiceover selection and dubbing. We can also help with the creative process prior to production, particularly in the area of cultural consultation, and are available to travel if needed for such collaborative efforts. 
Printing: Though the internet has undoubtedly assumed a primary role in the global marketplace, the importance and the power of traditional print media are strong. In conjunction with, or separate from, Come Alive’s multilingual translation and publishing services, we offer full professional printing services, whether the project is unilingual (e.g., a Spanish or Korean Lenten brochure) or multilingual (e.g., a bilingual French/English book bound as one item). We also happily serve as our clients’ consultant and point-of-contact in the coordination of multilingual projects with their printer of choice, to control quality and eliminate bumps when dealing with issues such as foreign character sets and layout. 

Publish and Copyright: Come Alive Communications, Inc. is a duly certified ASCAP Publisher (American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers). Whether a client’s project is for print, video, audio or download, Come Alive can help coordinate production and publishing, handle copyright filing and multimedia royalty procedures, handle registration of sync licenses for video, and more. 

Word for word, idea for idea, your message is safe in our hands.


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